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About Our Business

Thermal Dynamics Corporation is committed to being the premier supplier of advanced technology heat exchangers for the automotive, truck, and mobile equipment market place.

Founded in 1957 as one of six operating divisions of Dunham-Bush, our expertise in cooling technology has kept Thermal Dynamics at the forefront of the industry for nearly five decades. Our pioneering projects in high-performance cooling applications resulted in the placement of our engine oil cooler on the original Ford Cobra. Additionally, it was our heat exchanger that graced the first production pick-up truck that featured an auxiliary transmission oil cooler.

By 1985, our sales had increased eleven-fold, even as our engineering think-tank was introducing its Thin FinT technology. Thin FinT is a line of compact, highly-efficient aluminum and copper oil-to-air heat exchangers. The innovative Thin FinT technology grew from our commitment to provide the highest efficiency heat exchangers in the smallest possible package. A commitment we hold true to yet today.

Stepping into the '90's, Thermal Dynamics Corporation acquired state-of-the-art Nocolok® brazing technology allowing us to produce high volume, cost effective brazed aluminum heat exchangers. Incorporation of Nocolok® technology places Thermal Dynamics in a highly competitive position as the premiere supplier of advanced technology heat exchangers. Thermal Dynamics has also recently introduced a new generation of rugged brazed aluminum and stainless steel in-tank oil coolers to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Thermal Dynamics Corporation is creating a dominating presence in the OEM automotive market to support the fast-growing pace in this arena. Our new Sales and Applications Center, which is located in Michigan, is home to dedicated Engineers who assist our Key Customers with the development of world class heat exchanger solutions.

Setting the pace in the global marketplace, Thermal Dynamics International (TDI) has established three international joint ventures in Asia, to provide engineered heat exchanger solutions at worldwide competitive pricing. With over ½ million square feet of manufacturing capacity, TDI continues to develop new products and manufacturing processes to meet customer demands. TDI has recently established a Mobile Industrial Sales & Applications Engineering Center in North Carolina to provide our Strategic Customers with world-class support.

Manufacturing & Corporate Location

4850 E. Airport Drive
Ontario,CA 91761


(909) 390-3944

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Customer Service: (909) 390-3950

Milliken Distribution Location

760 S. Milliken Ave
Ontario,CA 91761


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Michigan Sales & Application Center

33533 West 12 Mile Road Suite 110
Farmington Hills, MI 48331


(248) 553-7339

(248) 553-6841

North Carolina Sales and Application Center

171 Byers Creek, Suite 101A
Mooresville, NC 28117


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