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Automotive Applications

Thermal Dynamics Corporation manufactures a full range of heat exchangers for power steering, automatic transmission, engine, and hydraulic fan drive fluids used in automotive and light truck applications.

Power Steering Oil Coolers

TDC manufactures oil-to-air and oil-to-liquid heat exchangers in copper, aluminum and stainless steel. Round Tube & Fin and Brazed Plate & Fin Heat Exchangers are common choices that provide excellent performance and durability. Aluminum and stainless steel In-Tank Oil Coolers can also be integrated into radiator tanks to provide a very efficient way to remove heat from the power steering fluid.

Hydraulic Fan & Active Suspension - System Coolers

There are a number of heat exchangers available to cool your active suspension and hydraulic fan systems. Our Applications Engineers will work with you to design a method of removing heat in the most cost effective way.

Transmission Oil Coolers

TDC makes a complete line aluminum oil-to-air and oil-to-liquid heat exchangers to meet all your transmission cooling requirements. In-Tank Oil Coolers and Auxiliary Coolers can be designed to create a system to resolve the most difficult cooling challenge.

Engine Oil Coolers

Our Engineering and Applications team is ready to design an oil cooler to keep your engine running cooler. Thermal Dynamics has a number of heat exchangers available to meet your needs.

Electrical Component & Intercooler Radiators

When your specialty vehicle needs a separate cooling circuit, be sure to call on Thermal Dynamics to design your heat exhangers!

Did You Know?

In 2003, Thermal Dynamics facilities in California received ISO-14001 certification.

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