Hybrid Vehicles


Fuel Cell Cooling

Fuel cells require cooling of the cell membranes, to assure long life of the unit. TDI can supply a variety of heat exchangers for these advanced applications. We can supply aluminum brazed and nickel alloy brazed heat exchangers, to avoid the problems associated with copper contamination of fuel cell coolant.

Electric and Diesel/Electric Hybrid Vehicles

TDI is experienced in the design and construction of the air-cooled and liquid-cooled heat exchangers for hybrid vehicle applications.

Lasers and Machine Tools

TDI is familiar with many applications involving coolers for laser, chillers, and hydraulic oil coolers, as required in various machine tools. TDI manufacturers a full line of copper, stainless and aluminum constructed air-cooled and liquid cooled heat exchangers.

Product News

Slim Line RTF Coolers

Introducing Thermal Dynamics' new Slim Line Round Tube and Fin Heat Exchangers. Featuring 3/8" copper tubes and steel headers, these coolers offer proven performance and durability. View these parts today in the Round Tube section of our online catalog. Slimline Brochure

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