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Standard Heat Exchangers

Thermal Dynamics Corporation has a complete line of heat exchangers for any automotive or light duty truck application. With our line-up of “Round Tube & Fin”, “ Plate Fin & Turb”, “In-Tank” or “Bar-Plate” type coolers, there is sure to be an option available to meet your packaging and performance requirements.

Round Tube & Fin

Our mechanically expanded aluminum heat exchangers are available in various lengths and diameters. Custom brackets are typically designed to mount in the most challenging vehicle packages while meeting the specified vehicle durability requirements.

Brazed Plate & Fin

Standard plate types and sizes are available or a custom size can be designed to fit a special vehicle packaging need. As with the Round Tube & Fin type heat exchangers, a Combination Cooler can be designed to provide passages for different fluids in one efficient unit.

Combination Plate & Fin

“Dimpled plates and turbulated plates are often brazed together to allow passages for two different fluids to minimize space in the vehicle.”

Product News

Slim Line RTF Coolers

Introducing Thermal Dynamics' new Slim Line Round Tube and Fin Heat Exchangers. Featuring 3/8" copper tubes and steel headers, these coolers offer proven performance and durability. View these parts today in the Round Tube section of our online catalog. Slimline Brochure

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