At Thermal Dynamics, product quality is our top priority.


Thermal Dynamics Quality

At Thermal Dynamics, product quality is our top priority. Our dedication to quality has resulted in our receiving ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and TS-16949 certifications. In addition, we have also been awarded Ford Motor Company’s coveted Q1 status and the MAZDA Quality Assurance Certification.

Our quality programs have had a profound impact on our overall company culture. Issue resolution extends well
beyond the doors of our QualityPicture_021.jpg (218452 bytes) Department. By involving every person at every level in the pursuit of excellence,
we have stimulated an ongoing interest in maintaining a world class quality standard at Thermal Dynamics.

With the bar set this high, consistent input from all departments is the expectation in order to alleviate potential
future issues before they arise. Our people are trained to consistently take a fresh look at current practices to
provide continuous improvement feedback that will improve both product and process. At Thermal Dynamics,
our employees know that quality is everyone’s job every day.

We are justifiably proud of the recognition that has been awarded to Thermal Dynamics for our ongoing commitment to quality. Yet, we are mindful that such achievements are simply the foundation for future improvements.

Thermal Dynamics has been building reliable and innovative heat-exchanger products for over 40 years. Our eye, however, is on the next 40 years of superior product at unmatched quality levels.

Our policy is to consistently deliver “The Perfect Order” to our customers (on time, in full and error free) while maintaining relentless commitment to continuous improvement aimed at achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.